Cheat Meal Chat!! Being Aware....

When it comes to cheat meals there is a wrong and right way to go about it, as I have learnt the hard way. When I was younger my cheat meals consisted of ice cream, chocolate and lots of sweets!  

Eating like this will have zero benefit to you and your physique.  These are so called Empty Calories.  In fact this kind of eating will push you further away from your goals unless your goals are to get fat. So now my cheat meals will not be 100% healthy but I really still think about my meal consisting of protein, carbs and fats.   So a few cheat meals I like to have every week are Burritos, Curry,  Chicken and rice, and Pizzas with lots of protein toppings. So I will have 2-3 cheat meals like that a week to refuel my body and help cut down cravings.

So when having your cheat meal think about the fact you still want it to be helping towards your goals, and you want to fill your body with food that will help you get stronger and supply the muscles with good nutrients. 

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