Chest Chat!

Chest has always been my favourite muscle as when someone has a thick and broad chest it stands out the most compared to any other muscle in great condition.  So since the age of 13 the chest has always been my priority muscle and I have been keen all along to keep improve it and getting it better and better shape.  I watched many hours of YouTube videos over the years, of peoples' chest workouts, people more experienced than me, and gradually picked up the way to get best results.  I have never had a personal trainer - I have figured it all out myself from years of trying and failing, and eventually hitting on what works best.  Now I am in my 7th year of training, my chest is what stands out the most - simply because I have put so much time and effort into it - making it as large, thick, strong and wide as possible.  Every chest workout I do now, I know I am getting the most muscle wear possible and I'm thoroughly working all angles of my chest every week.

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