Importance of Reps & Sets

I often find people are confused about how to organise their workouts to match their goals. For example, number of reps and sets you do all comes down to what goal you are trying to achieve.  For example, if looking to gain strength and size your rep range should start lower, with more sets (i.e Reps 6-8, Sets 4-6); then as you progress through the workout, increase the reps and lower the sets ( i.e Reps 8-10, Sets 3).  However, if your goal is to get leaner and lose body fat your reps need to be higher and your sets need to be higher, for example you might start the session off with 8-10 Reps for 4 Sets; then, as you progress through the workout, you should be upping the reps for example 12-14 Reps for 3 Sets.  Also, while aiming for a leaner physique using super sets and drop sets will really help mix it up and promote body fat loss while gaining lean muscle. Throughout my 8 years of training mixing up my sets and reps in this way has really helped me get my body to where it is today.   It keeps your body guessing and as a result, increasing gains.  FIND OUT MORE HERE