About Me

Where did it all start?


I am a Teddington (South West London) lad and have not moved far from home (yet)!  I have always been into sports and I started playing rugby at the age of 7, This was a massive confidence booster for me and as the years went on playing rugby I started to notice the kids around me getting bigger and stronger...while all I did was get taller and skinnier.  

So aged 13 I joined the gym with a few of my mates, who mainly fell by the wayside while I fell in love with it and carried on to this day.  I found the gym was a place I could go and forget about the stresses associated with school.  By the time I was 16 I had made massive improvements to my size and strength, which in turn helped my rugby.  My confidence grew in and out of the gym, transforming the shy young lad you can see in my photo here.

I started to train really seriously in the gym a little while before my 17th birthday when my mum and dad split up, and I spent more time dedicated to training to escape from the stresses of the split.  My time in the gym is still now, 7 years down the line from when I started, the best part of my day.

 Now approaching 21 and still learning and still gaining!!